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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hanoverian Bloodhound (Rouge du Hanovre) in Quebec

The Hanoverian Bloodhound or Hanover Bloodhound is a German breed specializing in tracking wounded big game. In German the breed is called Hannoversche Schweißhund, in French  Rouge du Hanovre.  These dogs have the same medieval ancestry as the American Bloodhound. They are noted for their great scenting ability and their calm, focused tracking style. The smaller, lighter Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound was developed from the Hanoverian as a tracking dog for rough mountain terrain. There are very few Hanoverians working in North America.

A big thank you to Yves Martineau from Quebec, Canada, for the pictures.

Splendid Quebec whitetail found by Yves Martineau and his Hanoverian Bloodhound.
Chevreuil québecois magnifique trouvé par Yves Martineau et son rouge du Hanovre.

Yves  Martineau’s Hanover Bloodhound in Quebec winter.
Rouge d’hanovre d’Yves Martineau en hiver québecois.

1 comment:

Brady said...

I wish that there were some Hanover Hound breeders here in the states. They are a neat breed. I especially like the brindle coats.