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Monday, September 16, 2013

Seven tracks in two days result in five deer recovered by Lightning Mountain Outfitters and Tucker

On Sunday I was in Batavia, NY to attend one day of field trials, and when I got back on Monday morning I found out out that Ray and Pam Maurier from New Hampshire have been very busy tracking. They did seven tracks in two days and recovered five deer (on Monday they tracked four deer and recovered all of them).

We are so proud of Tucker (Storm von Moosbach-Zuzelek), who is our Sky's littermate. We could not imagine a better home for Tucker, who is loved and cherished, but also given so many opportunities to track.

The first picture shows a bear that Trucker recovered a week ago so this is not part of the last two days' tally. Ray posted the summary of the last two days on Facebook and I might be able to repost it here. Anyway, huge congratulations to Pam and Ray and their tracking teckel Tucker!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome great job tucker and congratulations pam and ray!!

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