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Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter! Tuesday's puppies are one week old.

This week has gone by so fast, and, again, I have found myself way behind with posts. Sorry about that as there is a lot to report.  Let's start with Tuesday's puppies, who are now one week old. They have already doubled their weight at birth:
Volt (lime) was 221 gr at birth, now 515 gr
Vincent (blue) was 232, now 470
Viola (pink) was 210, now 465
Vonnie (yellow)was 215, now 460
Vivica (red) was 232, now 470 gr

The first few days were a bit difficult as Tuesday was producing too much milk and puppies could not keep up with her "production".  She was uncomfortable, but this quickly passed and things have normalized.

Tuesday has a good appetite but she has not touched dry food yet. She has been living on raw venison, mixed with rice and egg, plus she drinks goat milk. Occasionally she gets several cubes of cheese. She turned out to be a superb mother, and so far she has been staying with the pups in the whelping box all the time. They are spotless clean. What I like about her that she not too possessive of her pups. She completely trusts us, and even if dogs bark outside my den, she does not get too upset about it

Happy Easter Everybody!

1 comment:

Lindsjö taxar said...

They are Lovely. We are still waiting .
We had 2 who said no to puppy now because of the delay of Tyra and Ayla to get in heat. Many have holidays in July/August and also the Children have summer holiday. They where very good people, hunters with land and much interest to work with them. So we maybe dont take a litter on Ayla.
Have a great weekend!