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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Larry Gohlke's Nix vom Nordlicht wins the 11th Annual Buckeye Invitational Field Trial

Huge congratulations are in order to Larry Gohlke, a breeder, co-owner and handler of "Nix" (FC Nix vom Nordlicht JE) on winning yesterday the 11th Annual Buckeye Invitational Field Trial! This is a great accomplishment. I don't have a current picture of Nix so I am posting my favorite picture of Larry and his dog taken in 2007. Nix is out of "Buster" (FC Clown vom Talsdeich) and "Rika" (FC Fredrika von Moosbach-Zuzelek). 

Larry Gohlke with Nix

Reserve winner was Sherry Ruggieri's "Niya" (FC Tusoksori-Ugraszto Husniya), and Oscar's Award went to Scot Davidson's "Vimy" FC Vimy Ridge von Lowenherz (sired by our Tommy). Congratulations!!!

The format of this trial is different from a "regular" AKC trial. Twenty best field trial dachshunds from a previous year are invited to compete in this annual event. They are braced for the 1st and 2nd series. Each brace is judged by two judges who determine which dog loses and which one wins a given brace. After the 2nd series, dogs with two losses are eliminated from the further competition, and remaining dogs get braced again. This process goes on until in the end there is only one brace and the dog winning that brace gets the title of Winner of the Buckeye Dachshund Club Invitational Trial.

These are the top 20 field dogs from 2013. The numbers following their registered names indicate points and placements accumulated in 2013. Not all of them competed yesterday. Michael Pitisci's super-talented and accomplished "Brooke" passed just a week ago and Shawn Nies' Pixie was too advanced in her pregnancy.

1 HOPI   DC Rellih's Hopi Kachina Spirit-MW TD CGC 470 26
2 NIYA   FC Tusoksori-Ugraszto Husniya 411 21
3 LILY   FC Diamant Lily von Lowenherz 319 15
4 AUGGIE   FC Augden von Moosbach-Zuzelek RE ME 251 14
5 BROOKE   DC Town Farm Water Wings 242 8
6 ZUNI   GCH DC Rellih's Little Indian MW TD SE CGC 240 13
7 DANIKA   FC Danika vom Nordlicht TD ME 221 13
8 OSLO   FC Audi Oslo Von Dorndorf CA 206 13
9 GYPSY    DC Short Shadows Runaround Sue CD RE TD AX OAJ NAP OJP JE 205 13
10 DIXIE   FC Anja von Moosbach-Zuzelek RN SE 186 11
11VIMY   FC Vimy Ridge von Lowenherz 186 11
12 CARMEN   GCH DC Siddachs Carmen MW CGC 178 8
13 LANCE   DC Wingover's Lancelot Du Lac ML RN TD OA OAJ NF JE CA CGC 170 8
14 HUNTER   FC Windspirit's Hunter Von Wingover 168 12
15 EMMETT   DC Town Farm Emmett Sweeps the Spotlight JE CGC 160 11
16 NIX   FC Nix vom Nordlicht JE 146 10
17 STROLCH   FC Strolch von Lowenherz 141 7
18 STANZE   FC Stanze von Lowenherz JE 132 7
19 MIEKA   FC Annamieka vom Jagdfeld 128 8
20 PIXIE   FC von Schatten Knight of Mischief 106 7

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Lindsjö taxar said...

When I read the names I Think many comes from German breeder lines