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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Advanced blood tracking training with Darren and Theo

Darren Doran is continuing advanced training with Theo. A week ago he did a training line, which was 24 hours old, 1000 yards with 2 oz of blood and tracking shoes. The track had numerous 90 degree turns and 1 back track.

Besides working on the back track, Darren was also training for article identification, stopping and re-starting on the line and the "easy" command. 

He says:

"I saw a deer get out ahead of us and I really like the way Theo ignored the hot scent and stayed with the line.

The line crossed a gas line and the brush was so thick in order to get back into the woods, I angled the line down to a walking path and went about 25 yardss to a hard right turn. Theo crossed the gas line and hit the path. He went right across the path and back along the edge of the gas line and woods.He went about 15 yards, came back to the path, went right down it and aced the turn.

At the back track he worked about 12 minutes before he reacquired the line. He's getting better at the back tracks, but we need more work there.  

Theo took 45 minutes to do this training line and we're getting ready for bow season. The picture shows Theo cooling off in the Ireland Brook after the track.

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Lindsjö taxar said...

Great job! He will be something. Loke one of the puppies got a throphy for best Smålands born dachshund in the talent trial. He will now practice the next level with back tracks too.
Tyra expects puppies on 31th July. I know its 4, Picture from ultra sound on my blog. Hope I can satisfiy the new owners. I have 3 males and 2 females booked....