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Friday, January 2, 2009

A.J. Niette and his blood tracking dogs

A.J. Niette lives with his dogs in southern Georgia; they track in that state and in Alabama. A.J. has a gift for seeing tracking potential in puppies and then developing their natural abilities with lots of personal attention and work in the field. A. J. does not depend on breed lablels and knows what can be done with the right kind of cross breeds.

Molly an English Pointer/Beagle cross is three years old has found many deer.

Jake is a Kemmer Cur/Treeing Walker cross is just a year old, but is showing great promise and is finding difficult deer on his own.

When conditions permit both dogs work off lead with Garmin’s GPS Astro equipment. Handler/dog teamwork and technology come together raising blood tracking to a new level of effectiveness.

A hunter with Molly

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