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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dachshund Field Trials Ranking for 2008

At the end of each year Dachshund Club of America calculates merit points for dachshunds who participated in field trials in a given year and publishes a list of top twenty field trial dachshunds. The list for top twenty field dachshunds in 2007 is at The tentative list for 2008 has been published, and here we would like to recognize the talented dachshunds that are either out of our breeding or are related to our bloodlines and have placed in the top twenty. Their owners and handlers must be recognized too for their love of the breed, dedication to their dogs and the sport of field trialing.

Congratulations to Judy Gallamore, Sherry and Phil Ruggieri, Laurel Whistance-Smith, Cheri Faust and Larry Gohlke.

#3 "Ana Maria" FC Hurricane Ana Maria v Czar SW JE owned by Judy Gallamore, Texas

Ana Maria really wants to go after the rabbit

#7 "Auggie" FC Augden von Moosbach-Zuzelek RN ME owned by Sherry Ruggieri, NJ

Tears of joy

# 8 "Lily" FC Diamant Lily von Lowenherz owned by Laurel-Whistance-Smith, Ontario, Canada

#9 "Danika" FC Danika vom Nordlicht TD JE owned by Cheri Faust, WI

#10 "Nix" FC Nix vom Nordlicht JE owned by Larry Gohlke

#13 "Lolly" FC Ulrika von Moosbach-Zuzelek SE owned by Larry Gohlke

Sherry Ruggieri with Auggie and Larry Gohlke with Lolly

#15 "Dixie" FC Anja von Moosbach-Zuzelek RN JE owned by Sherry Ruggieri and handled occasionally by Phil Ruggieri

Above: Sherry Ruggieri with Auggie and Phil Ruggieri with Dixie

Phil Ruggieri with Dixie and Lolly Gohlke with Lolly

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Bigshrimp said...


My mistake on the last comment I just wrote....the link you provided was for the 2007 placements and your blog is recognizing the 2008 placements (not yet on DCoA website)! Please disregard last comment.

.....except for the Good Job part ;o)