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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A nice recovery for Will and Roscoe from Alabama

Hey guys,
I just want to thank you John for the advice you gave me and give you and Jolanta an update. We tracked the deer we spoke about and Roscoe just nailed it. It turned out the deer was hit towards the back of the ribcage quartering to, one lung/ liver/ paunchish. The trail was around 200 yards and we found the deer within 10 minutes. It was great! I want to thank you guys again for such a great pup. I've never had more fun and he's such a good all around dog to boot. I included a picture of Roscoe from this weekend as well, he's really growing up.

Roscoe, whose registered name is Frodo von Moosbach-Zuzelek, is out of Henri Anons and our Emma. He is owned by Will Sims from Alabama.

1 comment:

Bigshrimp said...

Roscoe is a very handsome fellow....obviously with some brains to go with his beauty!!

Well Done!