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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tim Nicols and his Bavarian Mountain Hound help hunters in Vermont and NY

Tim Nichols who lives in Granville, NY, on the border with Vermont, has been a member of Deer Search for many years. He was instrumental in in the legalization of blood tracking dogs in Vermont in 1996 and back then he was presented with this Citation from Deer Search:

On January 24, 1996 the Governor of the State of Vermont signed into law a bill authorizing the licensed use of leashed tracking dogs to find wounded deer and bear. The indispensable man who made this happen was TIM NICHOLS.

Tim began with a scientific collector’s license and demonstrated what could be done in the field with a good dog by finding over ten deer and a bear. At the same time he made numerous presentations of the Deer Search idea to sportsmen’s groups and Vermont legislators. He did not get discouraged when a new Fish and Wildlife commissioner was unsympathetic to the idea of leashed tracking dogs and canceled his permit. Tim Nichols never gave up; thanks to his steady and patient persuasion the Deer Search Bill of Vermont was passed.

Deer Search congratulates TIM NICHOLS for his extraordinary accomplishment.

Roger Humeston Jr.
Deer Search President
February 24, 1996

Tim has turned out to be a blood tracking addict and for the last nine consectuive years has been a receipient of the Deer Search Schlechtingen Award for the most calls taken in the organization. These days Tim tracks with Bruno, a Bavarian Mountain Hound, which was imported from Poland. Bruno was just two years old on Christmas Day. These are the pictures of some of their finds in 2008.


Bruce said...

And thats why I have two Bavarians in Canada!

Elizabeth M said...

That's my grandpa. He is a really cool guy. See you at Christmas!