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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Upcoming workshops and seminars

A down side of tracking wounded deer is the frequent discovery that the coyotes got there first and devoured the venison. “The Coyotes Don’t Wait” and that is the tile of a panel discussion that will be given at the New York Bowhunters Meeting and Banquet on April 4 at Syracuse, NY. Participants will be trackers Kevin Armstrong, Gary Huber and John Jeanneney.

A deer devoured by coyotes overnight

Quebec is a Canadian province surging with interest in the use of tracking dogs to find wounded moose, bear and whitetails. Last spring the Quebec Association of Tracking Dog Handlers hosted a workshop presented in French by John Jeanneney from New York State. This spring, on April 25-26, the Association will offer a second workshop featuring Patrice Stoquert and Philippe Rainaud, two experienced “conducteurs” from the multi-breed tracking organization in France.

Above - last year's workshop in Quebec (John was a presenter)

Below - Patrice Stoquert with his yellow Lab Raoul. The picture was taken by John when he visited Patrice in France in December 2007

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