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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A new addition to our dachshund family - Mischa z Kmetónyho dvora

You never know what's expecting you around next corner. Life serves surprises all the time.

Six weeks ago I was contacted by Monika F. from New Jersey by e-mail: "I am from Slovakia and I moved to NJ 8 years ago. I used to breed short hair dachshunds. My father still does breed wirehairs. He is moving here from Slovakia to live with us and he brought his 2 girls, mom and daughter. They got into fight and don’t get along anymore. We tried everything but is not working. We would love to find somebody who would take younger one. She is a beautiful dog with a very good personality. She loves to be around people, plays with my son all the time. She is very happy and easygoing dog."

This is how our and Mischa's journey began.

I asked Monika for Mischa's pedigree and pictures, and I liked very much what I saw.

Mischa in Slovakia

There was something very attractive about Mischa in these pictures. I liked her pedigree too. Her sire is Irox z Kmetónyho dvora and her dam is Hesja ab Hinc; basically she comes from a mixture of European bloodlines.

John and I decided to evaluate Mischa and help Monika find a good working or pet home... or keep her for ourselves, based on the outcome of our evaluation. I picked her up on August 19. Surprisingly she was very relaxed on our way back home. She slept on the passenger's seat most of the time, except when I had to slow down - the she would wake up and "talk" to me. I was a complete stranger to her, yet she connected with me right away and she was very much at ease. Once at our place she has turned out to be an excellent companion, and we both love her disposition. She is very good with our dogs, and especially with our six month old Paika.

We started to work Mischa on rabbits and deer blood, and for the first week we did not see any progress. She had never been hunted before, and in New Jersey she spent a lot of time in a large yard with invisible fence. Just when I was ready to give up on trying to work her, Mischa started to run rabbits and voice on them. She was getting better with every day... and then she came in heat. The timing was very inconvenient for us so I asked Monika to get her back and keep her for two weeks.

Finally ten days ago Mischa came back to us after a two week break. Last weekend I took her to dachshund field trials in New Jersey, and on the second day she placed 2nd in the stake of 24 open bitches. She worked hard, had some very good runs, and altogether showed a really good potential.

I know that it was not easy for Monika to part with Mischa, but she made a right decision. I have seen so many situations when two dogs in the same household (usually of the same gender) don't get along, have to be kept separated all the time, yet their owners cannot bring themselves to part with one. It can be a truly heartbreaking decision, but finding a new home for one of the dogs is the best decision for all involved.

As Mischa is sound asleep at my feet under the desk, I am very thankful for the unexpected and precious gift!

Mischa in Berne, NY


Anonymous said...

You should know that your blog has me crying. Now I know for sure that she got wonderful new home and a lot of love. You are correct. I made the right decision.
I am also very proud of Mischa and always knew she was very special dog and I know she is going to be very happy with you.
Best, Monika

Anonymous said...

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