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Friday, December 18, 2009

First real deer for Beau

The picture and message came from Chris Surtees who is training two pups now - Koa (for himself) and Beau (for his Dad). Koa is an eight and a half month old son of Gilda and Billy. Beau was bred by Jeff Springer and is out of his Tilly and our Billy.

"A buddy of mine called me to track a deer for him. He said it was good blood and a fairly long line so I decided to take both Koa and Beau out.

Koa saw his tracking collar and went crazy. I told my buddy to handle Beau and be prepared to pick him up until we reached the trail...boy was I wrong. After putting Beau's collar on I set him on the ground and he was off like a flash.

Fast forward to the trail. Koa reached the spot, started unlocking the direction and off he went. His track was steady and fast but accurate. He got to the spot where the deer stopped and appeared to have stumbled and ended up going in a couple different directions before heading out again. Koa spent a couple seconds there and was back on track. He tracked the deer another 75 yards and found him up near the railroad tracks.

Beau started a couple yards behind Koa and was on track quickly. He caught up to Koa where the deer had stumbled and from that point on was right on my heels. I thought he was following me but his nose was to the ground and several times passed my feet staying on track. Beau is very impressive and seems to have a great nose.

At the deer Koa and Beau both started in sniff and tug on the deer. Then Koa claimed the buck for himself and would not let Beau near it. After Koa took his licks at the buck I pulled him off and put Beau in for his turn. Beau showed no fear of the deer but kept an eye on Koa while he took his turn chewing and tugging.

Overall it was a great evening. Koa found his second deer and Beau was introduced to his first. Learned a lesson though...only one dog at a time. Next time I will run each separately on the trail."

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