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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ginie v Moosbach-Zuzelek - a blood tracking puppy from Georgia

It was great to hear from Wayne Varnadore from Alma, Georgia. We have not heard him from him for a while because as it turned out in July he had a back surgery. Wayne has Ginie from the 2009 litter out of Gilda, sired by Billy.

Wayne wrote: "Ginie has found 5 deer so far for this deer season. On the first find it was an experience for the both of us. It was a gut shot deer with no blood that approx. traveled about 400 yards with about 6 or 7 90-degree turns. She never missed a turn; I didn't know where the deer was with no blood sign. The second deer was my son Tyler's deer with an approx. 200 yards for her to find the deer. She's found all 5 deer with no help. Just wanted to send you a few photos of Ginie with her deer. Also wanted to let you know Ginie has done about 4 overnight lines that I have done with my scent shoes and has done a good job for me. We will let you know if she finds any more deer this season."

Wayne, good to hear from you. We hope that your back heals really soon. Good luck hunting and tracking to all of you!

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