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Monday, April 5, 2010

Time to resume training as the spring has arrived

Except for the small patch of snow that still lingers behind the barn, all signs show that the spring is here. The buds are bursting, poplars are flowering, grass is growing, and birds are back. It was nice to see great blue heron again!
     I was asked by some - what about puppies. Are we going to have any? Well, yes, we expect puppies to arrive in the last week of May so there is still time to finish the books that we are working on.
     Unfortunately, the knee  I busted 5 weeks ago while shoveling snow is not getting any better. I saw my orthopedic surgeon last week (he is a hunter and John tracked for him in the past). He is convinced that I tore meniscus and will need a surgery to repair it. Tomorrow I am having an MRI, and if indeed the meniscus has to be repaired I hope for the surgery to be scheduled asap. Apparently, I would be able to be farly active with a week or two.

Yesterday John, after a long winter break, resumed blood tracking training. The good news is that he really liked the new tracking leash, which we bought from the UBT. He worked with Paika, who just turned one-year-old, and with Tommy. They both did very well so our Easter even though very busy turned out really well.

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Stan said...

Best of luck with the knee, Jolanta.