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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheri and Danika - a dynamite tracking team from Madison, Wisconsin

I have the feeling that this blog is going to be a very busy site this hunting/tracking season. Only today I have received four stories/reports of recoveries made by wirehaired dachshunds. Thank you and huge congratulations! BTW, the blog is not just about wirehaired dachshunds, and owners/handlers of other breeds are welcome as well. 

This recovery has been reported by Cheri Faust from Madison, WI, who is an owner/handler of a four-year-old Danika (FC Danika vom Nordlicht TD, SE). Cheri wrote:

I had a call from a hunter near West Bend, WI this morning. Bow shot deer from 9/26 @ 6:00 p.m. The hunter and his friends followed it about 500 yards last night and this morning before they ran out of trail. He said the shot was low and back - assumed it was gut shot - and that the arrow hadn't gone through. I got there about 11:00 a.m. this morning, and met the hunter, his father and a friend. We had parked in an alfalfa field and they showed me the picked corn rows where they thought the deer had walked. We walked in the corn and Danika seemed to hit the line. She tracked over their two last marked spots and went into a green soybean field about two rows in from the edge. 150 yards in that and she turned towards the brush line separating the soybean field from a standing corn field. She went four rows in to the corn but stopped when everyone else got into the corn. I asked everyone to stay put and took her back out to the soybeans to see if she would take the same turn. She went 10 yards further, but didn't seem like she was on it. Had I taken her off the track and now she thought she should be looking for something else? I picked her up and took her 20 yards further back from where she had turned and started again. This time she went about 20 feet and turned into the corn. I dropped the lead while I crossed the brush in an easier place and when I got to her in the corn to pick up the lead, she was standing at the head of this deer. Three more fans of tracking dogs!
Danika with the hunter and recovered deer. A happy ending!

Cheri and Danika at the recent field trial in Michigan

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