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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dachshund Field Trials in Michigan - September 10-13, 2010

After a very busy summer John and I took some time off and went to Michigan to run our young dogs in field trials for dachshunds. These four trials were held at the Detroit Beagle Club in Addison, MI, on Sept. 10-13, and they were hosted by Central Ohio Dachshund Club and Wolverine Dachshund Club.

We might differ from some blood trackers who keep their dachshunds focused exclusively on tracking wounded game. We appreciate versatility of hunting dachshunds, we run them on rabbits and we participate in dachshund field trials. The dachshund trial format is similar to a brace beagle trial and the rules are posted at the AKC website.

Our blood tracking season lasts just over two months, and we need to keep our dogs busy and fit. It is good for their noses to be used and challenged throughout a whole year. We enjoy the sport and recreational aspects of field trials and camaraderie amongst participants. We also learn a lot about our dogs when we run them in a field trial format; we need as much information as possible to keep our breeding program on a sound foundation. Dogs are run in braces so it is not difficult to evaluate their nose, line sense and line control. Other traits easily observed at a field trial are voice, searching ability, hunting drive, intelligent use of nose, temperament and responsiveness.

It was warm and sunny except for one rainy day. The picture shows handlers and dogs coming to the field.
This time we took four dogs with us: three field champions - Joeri and Tommy, who are two and a half years old, and 18-month-old Paika. Mischa was entered in an OAAB stake. There were other wires out of our breeding or related to our bloodlines.

A great day in the field spent with good friends. From the left: Phil Ruggieri from NJ, Chuck Collier and Kyle Stiffler from MI, and John Jeanneney from NY.
 Chuck Collier from Michigan came with his three-year-old "Moose" (Nurmi v Moosbach-Zuzelek), an Emma/Buster son.
Chuck Collier's Moose is an accomplished blood tracker and he has showed a great talent for running rabbits.

Moose ran in the open dog stake on Saturday and Sunday. Both times he got first place in the stake and on Sunday he defeated our Tommy and won the Absolute run. He has completed the requirements to become an AKC Field Champion. Congratulations to Moose and Chuck!

Sherry and Phil Ruggieri were there with Auggie (FC Augden von Moosbach-Zuzelek) and Dixie, Auggie's sister (two pics below).

Sherry Ruggieri is holding Dixie (FC Anja von Moosbach-Zuzelek)
Larry Gohlke and Cheri Faust had Nix and Danika vom Nordlich, a brother and sister bred by Larry and out of FC Fredrika v Moosbach-Zuzelek and Buster (FC Clown Vom Talsdeich). Nix and Danika are very accomplished field trialing dachshunds..

FC Danika vom Nordlicht TD, ME

Danika with her breeder Larry Gohlke and her owner  Cheri Faust. Danika did great in MI field trials. She was the Absolute winner of the trials twice and she placed 2nd two other times. 
Judy Gallamore competed with "Ana Maria" FC Hurricane Ana Maria v Czar SW, who was sired by FC Czar v Moosbach-Zuzelek. Ana Maria finished her Field Championship at 119 days old, and this made her the youngest AKC Field Champion of any breed to date.

Judy Gallamore with Ana Maria and Sherry Ruggieri with Dixie are waiting for their turn.
Another standard wire that goes back to European hunting lines was DC Short Shadows Runaround Sue  "Gypsy" owned by Shawn Nies and bred by Carolyn Casoria. Gypsy is not related to our dogs as she was sired by  FC Traelborg's Herbert "Skyder", who was imported from Denmark.
Shawn Nies is watering Gypsy. Gypsy did really well in Michigan and placed 1st in her stake twice. Unfortunately she was in season and could not run against a winner of the male fld champion stake.

All in all we had a good time in Michigan, and things went very well. We learned a lot about our young dogs, their strengths and weaknesses. We also found out that in spite of their young age they are competitive running as field champions.

Joeri is a very good check dog and he had fire in his belly, especially when running against Moose. He won the dog field ch stake once and he placed 2nd once. In the run against Moose he won and was the Absolute winner of the trial on Saturday.

Judy Gallamore and Sherry Ruggieri were the judges of the Absolute run. John handled Joeri.

Tommy placed 1st and 2nd in the dog field ch stake. Paika did very well and placed in the bitch field stake three times. Mischa was 1st in the OAAB stake once.

The 155 pictures taken at Michigan field trials are posted at click here.

A big thank you to the members of Central Ohio and Wolverine Dachshund Clubs for all their hard work. It is very much appreciated.

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