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Sunday, September 26, 2010

First deer for the very young hunting/tracking team

Garret and Buford with their doe
Ben and Hearther Byington live in Sandusky, Ohio, and this summer they got one of our puppies whose name was Quint. Quint's new name is Buford, and he has already had a chance to find his first real deer. Yesterday there was an opening day of deer hunting season in Ohio, and today we got this e-mail from Ben and Heather.

We just wanted to send you a picture of Buford's first deer he tracked. Garett Baker, 8 years old, first bow kill and Buford tracked the deer. He killed the deer in Sandusky, OH. The shot was good but a little high. On the opening day of deer season 2010, at 7 o'clock at night and Buford started tracking at 8:45 pm. It took him 10-15 minutes to locate the deer. We are very pleased and excited with Buford's performance!

He jumped across a creek. I never thought he would get across as a 4-month old puppy. He went over the hill to the deer and jumped right on deer and started biting and shaking his tail! He went into "track" mode and turned aggressive and excited instantly!

Thank you Ben and Heather, and congratulations to Garett and Buford!

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