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Monday, September 27, 2010

First track of the 2010 season for Chris and Gerti

Chris Barr with Gerti (Gwen von Moosbach-Zuzelek) who found the young hunter's doe
Chris Barr from Indiana wrote:

Doe shot at 5:30 p.m. Saturday night. Suspicious of a possible gut shot, hunters did not attempt to track until 11:00p.m. After 100 yards they bumped the deer. They took a nap under a tree until 1:00a.m. at which time they tracked for another 100 yards or so before backing out for the night. Light rain most of the night. Gerti and I got called and went to the scene Sunday morning at 10:00a.m. Began at hit site and took first 200 yards without much problem. Lost blood, eventually picked up, took another 100 yards or so to point of loss. Incredibly thick cover laced with Autumn Olive and Multiflora Rose. Gerti and I would move out about 50 yards and needed GPS to get back to hit site because it was so thick. Eventually made 150 yard semi circle checking soybean field and creek. As I, Gerti and 14 year old hunter were working back to the hit site we “stumbled” across some blood. Eventually Gerti took me to the bedded deer, still alive 20 hours after shot. As I was attempting to get hunters in place for a killing shot, deer took off. Gerti and I pursued with her opening the entire way. Deer went another 65 yards before expiring. It ended up being a slight liver/one lung hit. Attached is me, Gerti and 14 year old hunter with already his 5th bow kill of his life.

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