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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A great start of blood tracking season for Kyle Stiffler from Michigan

For a tracker it does not getter better than that - two recoveries on two deer calls. Kyle Stiffler from Eagle, MI wrote yesterday:

2 for 2 on youth hunt. The first was last night, the hunter called telling me to bring Moose, my more expierenced dog, as there was very little blood in the bean field. At the hit sight there trail markers went to the left about 50 yards. Moose went to the right. After 25 yards the blood was very visiable. The deer only went another 75 yards. The hunter thought there may have been two deer- possible a pass through. After an extesive search on the other line we determined that it was more than likley superficial. Misty, my 15 mo. whd did get to train on the line.

The second call was this morning from another youth hunt. Shot last night, they jumped it & let it go until this morning. They tracked for about three hundered yards & lost blood. Moose started at the hit site & covered the distance to last blood very fast. At that point he went another 150 yards to a hay field. After searching the field for 30 minutes we discoverd that the deer back tracked never entering the field. After that Moose nailed it for about another 200 yards the middle of another hay field where he winded the deer about 50 yards away. It was a 6 point but sadly enough the coyotes beat us to it which kind of slows the high fives. Moose did an exellent job on this track. I think he worked better then ever. I attribute this to alot of training technics we learned at the UBT Ttrackfest.

Coyotes found this deer first.

Also yesterday I received this note from Todd from Missouri:

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your do a great job on it!  Thanks. I check it daily. I do have one comment. I've got a Billy pup going on 2 years. I really enjoy seeing where my dog fits into your line and the stories. If you would give the dam/sire and age, if it's not too much trouble, I think others would like that too. If I read about one of Hank's siblings or aunt/ personalizes the story a bit for me. Again, thanks for your efforts.

Todd, I'll try to do it when I can. Some people may take it as a shameless promotion of our dogs, but you can never please everybody. Anyway, Kyle Stiffler's Moose is three and a half years old, his registered name is Moose von Moosbach-Zuzelek, his sire is FC Clown vom Talsdeich "Buster" owned by Susanne Hamilton, his dam is FC Keena v Moosbach-Zuzelek (Billy's daughter).

Huge congratulations are in order to Kyle and Moose. Below is their picture taken at a recent field trial Michigan. Kyle forgot to bring a leash, and this explains the heavy rope around Moose's neck. 

Kyle Stiffler and Moose

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