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Monday, September 20, 2010

Koa's first hog

We got this story from Chris Surtees almost four weeks ago. Sorry Chris for the late post. Congratulations to you and Koa, many thanks for the pictures. BTW, Koa was born in spring 2009 and his registered name is Grock von Moosbach-Zuzelek.

I shot a small hog this evening and since she ran out of the swamp I decided to bring Koa out. This was the first hog this year that did not run into the swamp to die so I was pretty excited about getting him on the trail.

Fast forward to putting Koa on the first sign and he was off. He was weaving quite a bit but never left the trail more than a yard or so. When we came upon a large log the hog went over. Koa stopped, looked left then right and all of a sudden he took off left. Just as I was about to call him back he finds a low spot and crosses. Then he heads back to the trail and continues tracking. Next he veers off to the right about 3 yards and sweeps into the hog. I could not feel a breeze but assume the scent had drifted off to the right of the trail.

Once at the hog Koa gave me a look of now what? You had me track to nasty smelling thing? It took a couple minutes for him to figure out this was the prize at the end of the trail. He decided to take a chew or two.

I could not be more pleased with Koa's performance as this was his first track in a couple months. I have been leery about training him since I have been seeing a lot of snakes this year.

Koa's first hog

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Patt Nance said...

Nice job and great photos! I remember Grock/Koa as a young puppy at the NATC events in NJ last year.

I see that Koa is wearing a Web Master harness (made by Ruff Wear). I am wondering whether Chris has used a harness before and how this one compares.