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Friday, September 17, 2010

A new litter of wirehaired dachshunds out of German hunting lines

On Tuesday, Sept 14, Melodie von Moosbach-Zuzelek "Greta" owned by Susie Gardner from Ohio whelped six puppies, five males and one female. Our FC Joeri vom Nonnenschlag is a sire of this litter.
Susie and Jody Gardner are outfitters and they have been using Greta for tracking wounded deer for the last three years. She is a very talented and accomplished blood tracker and proved her versatility in a number of tests. For more information about them and Greta click here. These are two pics showing newborn puppies.

If you are interested in a well bred puppy for blood tracking and hunting, Contact Susie directly at, 740-254-9156 or 330-260-7725. This is a very busy time of the year for the Gardners as their hunting season is already open.

A couple of weeks ago I received a very nice e-mail from Rosi and Anne Bauersachs from Germany. Rosi is Joeri's breeder. Last summer she repeated a breeding that produced Joeri, and we were happy to see his new sisters and brothers. I am going to include part of Rosi and Anne's e-mail here.

Our puppies are gone too – the last boy at the end of the last week. The names are Lotta, Luzie, Loisl, Lenz, Linus and Leopold.  Four of them live near to us. So they can visit every Monday “Welpenspiel” (= “playing time for puppies”) together. It is like an early education for the puppies and it has been organized by my mother for the last few years. They learn to socialize with other dogs (like larger dogs breeds) and people, and also learn to manage new environmental and social influences. It´s like a small agility park for the puppies. They have to go over different bottoms (wobbly, lattice-like, rough, slippy), they have to go through different tubes, over a seesaw and so on. The dogs who live in a hunting family are practiced in tracking. The puppies have also enough time to play together because they can use it as training for social handling. Our puppies are also very nose oriented like yours and we are very pleased with their excitement for tracking. All boys have two testicles and no puppy has a tooth displacement. All have short coat (but not too short) – the beard began to grow and they have enough hair between their pads of the feet and at the marginal part of the ears.
Joeri's brothers and siters from the 2010 litter.

Rosi Bauersachs with Jette, Joeri's littermate

Ilena vom Nonneschlag, Joeri's mom, is playing with her puppies.

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