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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A two-and-a-half-hour drive to track a hunter's deer ends in a successful find

I can't believe that Tom drove two and a half hours to track a deer for a stranger. What a dedication! Read more in this letter from Tom Munoz...

We met John at trackfest a couple of years ago in Alabama. John recommended the dog we bought last year. We bought Meg from Denise in Canada. Meg is 1 1/2 years old. Her mother Scout. This was her first deer of the season. The shot was not a pass through shot. I drove with my wife 2 1/2 hours there to put Meg on deer. We received this letter today.

The hunter found me through United Blood Trackers. Thanks for help in getting a great dog.

Below is a letter from a grateful hunter:

“I thought it was a lost cause, and I’m not a rookie hunter...My 8 year old son and I were hunting the 2nd day of Archery season and within 25 minutes shot a nice Tennessee buck. We watched where the deer ran, patiently waited in the stand until it should have expired, and then were on the track. The blood at the beginning of the track was plentiful, but the droplets got smaller and smaller until they stopped. We scoured the area for two or three hours to no avail…12 hours after the morning hunt, Meg arrived on the scene. I showed Tom, her handler, where the deer was shot and she immediately picked up his trail. She got stumped in the same place we did (where the blood ended), so she backtracked to the beginning and went at it again. Within 15 minutes of putting Meg on the chase, we had our deer!! To watch this little dog tireless nose through brush and bramble, and ultimately claim the prize of “her” deer – what she was born to do – was truly an amazing experience. THANK YOU MEG!”

Tom Munoz with Meg helped Chris and his son DC recover the deer
Tom, thank you for sharing this heart-warming story. It is good to know that trackers like you exist. I bet that Chris and DC will never forget Meg and the deer that she found. I don't know Meg's registered name, but she must have been bred by Denise Weston from Thunder Bay, Canada. Her dam is The Great Canadian Scout (out of Agata von Moosbach-Zuzelek), and her sire is a German import Nicki von Velbert owned by Bob Hageman.

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Anonymous said...

I have hunted with Tom and Meg saved the day for me too.