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Monday, September 26, 2011

A new wirehaired dachshund puppy for Genti and Beth Shero - Achilles of Trace-ja

Yesterday our friends Genti and Beth Shero came up for a visit, and it was a good opportunity for us to see their new ten-week-old puppy and for them to play with our puppies. Recently they imported a male puppy bred by Dragutin Milojevic from Serbia, and his name is Achilles of Trace-ja. Both parents of Achilles are out of German breeding; his sire is Franz vom Roggenhof FCI and the dam is Tundra vom Frischlingshof FCI.

We were very impressed with Achilles. We like his conformation - he has really nice proportions with good length of legs. His topline is beautiful, and his shoulders and front are very correct. His body type is ideal for a working dachshund. This is a feisty, self-confident puppy with great resilience. Even though Bella is older and bigger than he is, Achilles played with her as an equal. They had a ball together.

Achilles is winning this round.

And this one!

This is a pretty self-contained, self-sufficient puppy. He inspected all the toys and played by himself very well too.

He shook the black bear toy and "killed it".

Achilles worked well a short blood line and he really liked the deer tail at the end of track.

He claimed the tail and would not let it go.
I searched the web for more info on Achilles' background. His breeder's website at seems to be down today. But he has several videos on youtube, and this one shows Achilles' sire Franz when he was a puppy working a bloodline. This dog has a lot of desire and a lot of mouth!

The below video shows Achilles' dam Tundra working her first wild boar.  

It looks like Achilles is going to make a nice and needed addition to the American gene pool of working standard wires out of European descent. Congrats to Genti and Beth on such a nice pup!


MTWaggin said...

THAT is freakin adorable!!!

Lindsjö taxar said...

He looks very beautiful and correct. Maybe you can use him in the future in your breeding.

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

This thought crossed my mind...many times :-)