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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dachshund field trials in Ohio - November 11-13, 2011

I am back from three days of field trials hosted on November 11-13 by the Buckeye Dachshund Club in Dundee, OH. Conditions were difficult due to the lack of rabbits so the trials were not as enjoyable as they were in the past. It was a hard labor trying to find rabbits in the dense patches of golden rod.

I took three dachshunds with me - Tommy, Billy and Paika. On Friday we competed at the Buckeye Dachshund Club Invitational trial. The format of this trial is different from a "regular" AKC trial. Twenty best field trial dachshunds from a previous year are invited to compete in this annual event. If some dogs are not available, then lower ranking dogs are invited. The dogs are braced for the 1st and 2nd series. Each brace is judged by two judges who determine which dog loses and which one wins a given brace. After the 2nd series, dogs with two losses are eliminated from the further competition, and remaining dogs get braced again. This process goes on until in the end there is only one brace and the dog winning that brace gets the title of Winner of the Buckeye Dachshund Club Invitational Trial.

Unfortunately, this year due to the lack of rabbits the format was changed and it was "a single loss and you are out" competition. Also there were only 17 competing dachshunds. Interestingly of the 17, ten were standard wirehairs (including Tommy and Paika), and many of them got eliminated in the first series. In the end Tommy placed third and received the Oscar Award. The winner of the competition was John Merriman's Carmen, and the second place went to Stan Knoll's Oslo (both of these dogs were one-time-winners of the Invitational in the previous years).

Final results: L means a loss, W means a win, and B means that a dog (because of the uneven number of participants) was not running in a given series and was a bye-dog. So for example Tommy had three wins, one loss and was a bye dog once.
John Merriman with Carmen, Winner of the 8th Buckeye Dachshund Club Invitational Trial, and judges: Bob Paige, Ashley Innis Dumas, Patsy Leonberger and Gail Paige.

Stan Knoll with Oslo, Reserve Winner, and Ann Deister from the Buckeye Dachshund Club.
Jolanta Jeanneney accepting the Oscar Award (3rd place) for Tommy

On Saturday and Sunday the AKC trials were moved to Briar Patch Beagle Club in Newcomerstown as there were more rabbits there. The running grounds consisted mainly of small, thick patches of golden rod and a big block of really dense briars.

Briars!!! I guess we know what was the inspiration for the name of the club.

Small blocks of thick golden rod.
I took quite a few pictures and I will post them to my smugmug site in the next few days. Today I have a lot of catching up to do, so will just post a picture of Paika who was the Absolute Winner of the trial on November 13. She was also NBQ on Saturday, while Billy was 2nd in his stake.

Congratulations to all the winners of their stakes!

FC Paika v Moosbach-Zuzelek SW was first in the FCB class and was the Absolute Winner of the Buckeye Dachshund Club trial on November 13, 2011


Beth said...

Congrats! Great picture of Paika she looks great!

Teddy said...

Good for Paika!

Lindsjö taxar said...

Congratulations to you!! We dont have those trials in Sweden like you have. Only blood tracking and hunting like do now with Tyra...Very exciting to read about

Claire said...

Thank you for the pictures. I hear people were testy b/c of the lack of rabbits.

Was there any explanation?

Paika looks adorable! Good girl!

Congrats on all your wins, Jolanta!

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

Thank you everybody! Paika thanks you too :)

Claire, the trial was not managed well. I think both Buckeye clubs (beagle and dachshund) really need more active members. The lack of rabbits should not be a surprise on the day of the prestigious trial when people from all around country are asked to come. Alternative plans should have been made.
Also food was inadequate - we were just getting a small bowl of soup for lunch. On the top of all this, strange decisions were being made, like cancelling the Absolute run even though there was still light and beaters and judges available in the field. They wanted to cancel the Absolute run on Sunday too even though there was at least an hour of light left. I said "no way". When you advertise the run in the premium list, it needs to happen. So they cast two dogs and we had a rabbit up and running within 30 secs. Thanks to Paika :)