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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sad news about Deer Search's dachshund Gusto

Yesterday we received a very sad e-mail from Bob Yax, a member of Deer Search of the Finger Lakes. Bob reported that his tracking dachshund Gusto von Moosbach-Zuzelek got loose and was run over by a truck. Gusto was a son of FC Asko von der Drachenburg and FC Sabina von Moosbach-Zuzelek, and a brother to our Gilda. He was born on March 27, 2002, and initially was sold to a couple from Massachusetts. When about three years ago they had to move to an apartment, they wanted to place Gusto in a new home, and this is how Bob and Gusto were brought together.

Bob wrote about his tracking partner:

Gusto had always had a very “feisty” personality. He was not afraid of anything. He’s been known to attack vacuum cleaners, weed trimmers (while running!) and the tires on moving vehicles – that’s what happened on Friday.

This tracking season was another successful one for Gusto. In 24 sorties this year, Gusto had 6 fine recoveries (see photos attached). He went into every call with the excitement of a pup and could maintain it for many hours in difficult tracking conditions. We had a few weekends where he handled 5 calls with enthusiasm - although after that he spent a lot of time passed out on the couch!

These past 2 years, we had really matured as a tracking team. I had finally learned to correctly read his behavior in most cases. There were still a few instances where I mistakenly decided to trust the hunter rather that what Gusto was showing me. Eventually, Gusto would show me how I was wrong and together we were constantly improving. I was looking forward to a few more good tracking years with him. Gusto’s personality, was always a source of entertainment for our family – he was an interesting / funny little guy.

With a very heavy heart we are saying good-bye to this talented dog.  Our deep sympathy goes to Bob who suffered a great loss. Rest in Peace Gusto!

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Lindsjö taxar said...

How sad to hear. Now he´s tracking white deers.