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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ohio bucks recovered by blood tracking dachshunds

Both handlers, Ben Byington and David Bell, are United Blood Trackers members and live in Ohio. They also own litter mates Quella and Quint (Buford), who are now 18 months old.
Ben, who lives in Sandusky wrote:
I got a call from an Ashland hunter (hour and 20 minutes away) to track a deer he shot the night before. We started the track at 11:30 the following day and Buford struggled some but he managed to take us up over a hill a couple hundred yards and there the buck was laying. The track lasted only about 20 minutes until Buford found the buck.

Just wanted to touch base and let you know how well he is doing.Thanks!

A nice buck recovered by Ben and Buford
David Bell who lives in Hamilton, Ohio reported on his blog:
This buck my dog found was for a man and good friend who took me out several times to hunt on some real nice whitetail property, in which I was fortunate enough to take two nice ten pointers in just a handful of times going. In return, when I got his text about his unfortunate shot that was too far back, it was a no brainer on what to do. I left my deer stand to track up his lost buck, something I will only do for my very close friends and family.
My buddy was nervous about finding the deer on the phone, but I told him," If your buck is down, Quella will find him". The blood trail was non existent after 30 yards until we got several hundred yards or so, into it the track. My dog only made one error on the track, but that was because the dog was following blood from the hunters shoe, but it was easy for me to read her and know that she was off the track. Once I restarted her on last blood, Quella dropped down real low and started to dig into the ground with her over sized paws, but as usual I slowed her down, so she wouldn't overshoot any missed scent. I knew from here that she was locked on this buck from her soft whining that she always does. 500 yards into the track and through a lot of thick honeysuckle, we walked up on another monster buck. I was short on time on this track also, because I had to work in less than two hours, but we ended up having the buck tracked, field dressed, and back at his house sitting on ice in less than 1.5 hours. I even had time to squeeze a meal in before I went to work.
Quella with her buck.

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Its so interesting to read all the stories you share of tracking. I´m so impressed of all the dogs.