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Monday, December 5, 2011

Rosette is an accomplished blood tracker at a young age

Some of you might remember that Rosette is Joeri and Gilda's 18-month-old daughter who lives with Lynn and Anne Pierce in Cut Off, LA.

Recently we heard quite a bit about Rosette's accomplishments.

December 5

We really had fun with the kids this weekend-- two older ones are not in the picture -- playing in the woods somewhere.. :) . Rosette had a great track on the doe that is in the picture, which traveled about 100 yards, but no blood in food plot except for the spot the arrow landed. Rosette tracked the doe about 60 yards before we saw blood again at the edge of the woods.

Rosette then tracked in the open woods about another 40 yards, which was an easy track because the doe really started bleeding a lot and left a great blood trail. She really made it easy for us and recovered the doe quickly so we could go see the second half of the LSU / Georgia game.

I wish we would have missed the first half they were terrible, but came back strong the second half. Rosette is doing great and loving the hunting and camp atmosphere.

Thanks for your emails and have a blessed week.

Lynn & Ann

Geaux Tigers....

November 29

A friend of mine gut shot this doe at gut-busters, the hunting camp, on a dark, cold, windy, and rainy night.. the brush was very thick and Rosette found the doe quickly. It was not a long track but it took us about an hour to get in and out of there. Lots of thorns on all of us...Rosette handled it very well and made it a whole lot easier for all of us. It would have been rough going if we would have had to search for the doe in the blind with no blood trail. It made my friend and all of us very happy that were helping in the search. :)  We are having lots of fun with Rosette.

November 28

I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving. Not sure if I sent this pic or not.

It was a nice track about 16 hours old and the deer was gut shot and no blood at all. It was open woods and we could see far into the woods so I let her off leash.. it was fun watching her work... She is doing great,

Also, Rosette did a night track in a misty rain in very heavy cover, it was another gut shot with very little blood. She went right to the doe and she got us out of there quick as the weather was getting really bad. It took us about hour to do the track it was so thick. Our boys need to work on their shooting...

This is her 4th gut shot deer, but she found all of them...

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Lindsjö taxar said...

Good work from a youngster. You have very good genes from all your litter.