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Thursday, September 27, 2012

First deer recovery of the 2012 hunting season for Kevin and Ginger

Kevin Clark from North Carolina shared his good news about his wirehaired dachshund Ginger. Ginger is a two-year-old daughter of our Billy and Pepper, and she was bred by Gail Berger from Pennsylvania. Kevin writes:

"I got a chance Friday to put Ginger on a 16 hour old track that Scott the hunter had given up on . She took a smell of the arrow at the stand location and it was off to the races. After about a 100 or so yards of downwind tracking she found the buck in an absolute jungle.

Scott and I had to use a machete to cut our way in to the deer. Yay for Ginger and Scott who had just found his biggest buck taken with his bow.

Well Ginger got another try Friday evening on a doe I shot at 5:45. Well this was a easy one for her as the deer went into the wind and only about 60 yds . She was very confident from the time she smelt the arrow. I never even looked for blood. She drug me too the deer. Yay for Ginger!

Again thanks for getting me involved in the use of tracking dogs for finding deer."

Kevin Clark from North Carolina with his dachshund Ginger and a buck she recovered.

Congrats to Kevin and Ginger!

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Lindsjö taxar said...

Congrats! Great pictures, thanks for sharing.
Now its only 2 days left...for roe hunting.
Tyra and VIlja is going on 1st Oct and Ayla and Trym on the 2nd.
Read my posts!!