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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Are you looking for a wirehaired dachshund for blood tracking?

We are in the middle of hunting/tracking season, and now every day we get several inquiries about puppies. Yes, this is when hunters realize that they need a dog, and this is exactly when we don't have time to talk about puppies.

This is what our website says "We are planning two litters of puppies for summer 2013. We will start to take reservations at the beginning of December 2012. Please e-mail us then. Right now we are in the middle of hunting season and extremely busy. Please read about the process of buying a puppy from us, which is posted here."

The other day we got this inquiry: "I have talked to you earlier about buying a wired hair dots an for first a inside pet and secondly a blood tracking dog. I understand you have a questionnaire form to fill out. I would like to fill out this form and get on you list to purchase a female dog. Please feral free to contact me either by email or phone".

I don't want to appear rude because I am not a rude person, but this is not a way to make your first contact with a breeder. Please read on our website how we raise and sell puppies, it is all there . We don't sell pups on the first come first served basis. There is a long selection process involved. A prospective owner has to be serious about blood tracking and committed to track for other people. We put too much work and money to breed tracking/hunting dachshunds to have them go to pet homes where they will track one-two deer a year.

If you have sent us an e-mail about puppies in the last month and have not received a reply, you are not alone. I truly apologize for it, but we have no time to talk to potential buyers now and go through the screening process in the middle of tracking season. Also, if you read our blog, you will know that we have a very sick dog that we care for. We'd appreciate your patience.


MTWaggin said...

Good rant...and appropriate. We are in such a "I want it NOW" society that people just don't get it! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and take time from tracking to eat yummy food!

Claire said...

Well said Jolanta!

I am a rude person, and frankly, not many emails get past me if they are grammatically challenged. Snobby I know!

BUT, I spend a LOT of time and money on my breedings and I can pick and choose my homes. What breeder doesn't want the pups to go to the best possible home we can get for them? After all, they are testing our lines!

While I am certainly not in your league yet for tracking dogs, I still consider people in order of their potential use of the dog.

I will quote you if I may on my "puppy information" page.

Happy Hunting!


Brady said...

I agree with Claire...good rant! Every season I have several hunters who need help tracking and then inquire about getting a dog of their own started. I give pages of information about selecting a dog and getting started, and always recommend John's book. I also offer my time to help them train and start their new dogs at no cost. Despite all this I have yet to have someone take me up on my offer once deer season has passed, and most of those would be trackers call me again the following season still needing someone to track for them as they failed to follow through on purchasing a tracking dog.

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

Claire, yes, you may quote me if you wish.

Brady, how true :(

MTWaggin - thank you. Have a Great Thanksgiving!