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Thursday, November 8, 2012

John and Tommy recover a stomach-shot deer at the edge of big swamp

John handled Tommy to his 7th recovery in Malta, NY. He has reported: Stomach shot deer are usually easy to find, but I had my doubts about this one. The line was 22 hour old; the leaves at the start were very dry, and I could not see any blood. For the first 200 yards Tommy strolled nonchalantly along a ridge overlooking a large, deep marsh. Then the hunter spotted a fleck of blood and I relaxed. In another 100 yards Tommy veered down off the ridge, skirted the marsh and then turned abruptly into it. The hunter was carrying chest waders for good reason, but Tommy and I were not as well equipped. We were tracking now in muck and reeds, but the deep water was still 50 yards ahead. Tommy is a good swimmer, and I used to be good. Oh well! Oh hell! And then Tommy grabbed the butt of the deer.

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Andy Bensing said...

Nice one John. Good thing you did not need your chest waders :-)