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Thursday, November 8, 2012

John Jeanneney’s Dead On! book belongs in every deer hunter’s library

Today a local newspaper The Daily Gazette  published a really nice review of Dead On! written by an outdoors columnist Ed Noonan. He says: "I recently read a book written by a local hunter who has collected what he has learned after 34 years of tracking wounded deer. This book not only contains all of his techniques for tracking wounded whitetails, but also information on the deer’s anatomy and the proper shot placement for bow and gun hunters, something we all should revisit from time to time. I act ually read this book several weeks ago while sitting in a blind, turkey hunting. I think that John Jeanneney’s “Dead On!” book belongs in every deer hunter’s library.

Thank you Ed for a very thorough and positive review. You can order the book from amazon by clicking here or directly from us.

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