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Friday, November 16, 2012

More pictures of deer recovered by tracking dachshunds


Chester Swierk, a member of Deer Search of the Finger Lakes, has found some spectacular deer with his mini longhaired dachshund Moby. He write s about has recovery from 6 days ago: This deer was gut shot and went about 400 yds., the hunter had tracked it about 200 yds. Moby spotted a small 4-point standing in a field as we were walking into the field. He barked at it a couple of times and I let him know that wasn't the one we wanted. So we continued across the field with Moby looking back at it a few times. About halfway across Moby started to circle back toward the 4-pointer. I let him go about 40 yards before correcting him and let him know again that it wasn't the one we wanted. He then went back to the track of the 9-pointer and continued tracking to where the woods started. He turned and gave the 4-pointer one last look before continuing into the woods from the edge of the field (as far as the hunter had tracked it) then continued about 200 more yards into the woods where he found the deer. The track was in Lindley, NY and was 20 hours old.
Susanne Hamilton from Maine with Meggie 2012-11-15: Sometimes against all common sense you go out anyway and get lucky.

Paulene Eggers writes about her 11/13/2012 recovery in Onondaga County. Dave Burgess another co-worker and Sargeant on the dept. got this ten pointer early morning and had the arrow go in about 3/4 way then it fell out about 15-20 yards from the hit site. There was minimal blood at the hit site and nothing further so Dave wisely backed off waited a few hours while calling me also.
Braylee is making many loyal fans!                                                           

Susanne Hamilton: This 11/10/2012 find was almost two hours away. Tracked it for a lovely family, who had looked all day, did everything right, and finally called when it got too dark for them to track it anymore. Buster made fast work of it and found it well hidden 150 yards from last spot of blood.


Hello, my name is Kurt Kiley. 

I’ve been an avid hunter for many years in the Southern New Hampshire.  On November 6, 2012 I shot a nice buck, the first in many years.   After 10 long hours searching acre over acre, following blood trails and only having seen him once again in that time and not choosing to shoot toward him again because he went to close to the houses nearby (well under the 300 foot legal shooting distance), I finally lost  his trail.  The sun set, light for the day was gone and the hope of finding the buck was looking glim, so the evening was called. 

That night I called  Ray and Pam Maurier.  We talked about what happened in great depth.  Ray said he would meet me at my house at 7am the following morning to help in my quest.  In the morning, 25 hrs after the initial shot; Ray ,”Tucker” and I headed out to the last spot I had last saw the buck. With NO blood to track Tucker quickly went to work.  The first  1/2 mile it seemed like he was tracking his every move, like he was with me the day before!  It took him only 1-1/2 hrs for Tucker to bring us right to the buck spot; with the buck still being alive!  

Tucker was very eager to get his reward!  A very well earned reward indeed. Without Tucker that deer would  NOT have been recovered! It would have just been an early thanksgiving dinner for the coyotes.   The whole event was a very good learning experience, shot placement  for one, then the whole step by step tracking sequence and all the hard work that went in to training Tucker.  Rays dedication to working with Tucker  helping to drag to the truck truly shows his love of the sport.           

Many thanks and kudos to Tucker  (a  16 month old, wired haired dachshund tracking dog),  Ray and Pam Maurier, of Lightning Mountain Outfitters, without them and their skills this deer would never have been recovered.
Kurt Kiley
Londonderry NH

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