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Monday, November 12, 2012

Sabrina and Tabitha - versatile dachshunds who love to work and play

Another long overdue story. It came from Janice and Dale Clifford from Hamburg, NY and Deer Search of Western NY. They own "Sabrina", whose registered name is Jessie von Moosbach-Zuzelek and Sabrina's two daughters, Tabitah von Munterkeit and her sister Cassie.

Attached is a picture of Tabitha tracking this bow hunting season. Deer found in Hamburg, NY. Tabitha is a non-stop tracker and loves the chase. A few days after this find we received a phone call about three missing dogs in the remote southern tier. After speaking to the owner, I (Janice) felt the need to at least try to help them find their 3 dogs. For some reason the dogs who never , ever leave their yard (use to wild life, including deer being there),left, but there has been bear sightings very recent. We are not sure if the bear sparked their interest, but considered it. So Tabitha and I (Janice) thought we’ll try and see what we can pick up. After watching Dale track with the dogs, I have learned a few things about the track and the dogs. Tabitha was certainly tracking something . We got so far and were not allowed to enter other property. (They owned 100 acres, also borders state land – hundreds of acres, and other private property). We had to stop, the owner watched Tabitha heading northwest, but we had to stop. Later that day, the dog owner decided to get permission to enter the property where we were headed, got some friends and put a push on. Yes, that evening the dogs were found. The dogs had been missing 7 days.

 Just thought you might laugh….Sabrina loves to put on a costume and entertain….I took her to my mom’s retirement home for a dog Halloween parade and she put on a 50 minute performance the people, and does she love the camera !!!Hope you all enjoying the holiday. Janice & Dale & gang

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