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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tarah's first tracking season is going great

It was good to hear from Woody Harmon from Texas, who has Tarah, an eight-month-old little sister of Thor, Tuesday, Theo, Sky and Tucker. Woody wrote: This is Tarah's sixth live blood trail this year, she has found all of the deer I have put her on. One of tracks took her about 1320yd. The doe that a friend had liver shot late I put Tarah on the trail the next morning, it took her about 25min. I was so proud of her. Here is a spike buck that Blu shot. The trail was about 180yd with lots of good blood, she found it fast. Thank you for breeding these great little dogs.

Thank you Woody for training and working your dog! These "great little dogs" will never reach their full potential without a proper training and opportunities to track. This is why from a breeder's perspective it is so important to place pups in right homes.

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Lindsjö taxar said...

Congrats to Tarah....she looks very alike Tyra especially the head and the eyes