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Friday, November 9, 2018

Our breeding plans for 2019

We get a lot of questions about our breeding plans for 2019. Yes, we are going to have puppies. How many litters, we don't know yet. To help you plan we have created a sign-up form, where you can add your name and email so we can notify you once we make a decision. By adding your name to the list, you are guaranteed that you will receive email from us once we decide to have puppies. In no way it means that you are on our waiting list or that you will get a puppy. We screen all our buyers very carefully and it is a multi-step process that involves filling out a questionnaire and phone conversations. 

To add your name to the notification list, go to It would not hurt to read more about how we raise and sell our puppies:
We sell puppies only to people who are serious about tracking and would like to track for other people, not just their family and friends. A tracking dog learns a lot on the job. He will never be developped to his full potential if he is used only 5 times a year.
We do not ship puppies so you will have to come to Berne, NY (40 minutes from Albany, NY, which has an International  Airport) to pick up your puppy when the pup is 10-12 weeks old.
All our puppies come with the AKC limited registration.  

Limited Registration conveys ownership to the buyer and allows the dog to participate in any AKC events (except for shows) but does not allow the buyer to breed the dog and register the dog’s offspring with the AKC. We will lift the Limited Registration and convert it to Full Registration only when we are sure that:
· The dog is of breeding quality.
· The buyer has become sufficiently knowledgeable about the dachshund breed.
· The buyer is dedicated to the responsible breeding of the dachshund as a hunting dog.
Tuesday had two puppies in 2017, and they were born on April 9. Andi is owned by Jerry Gregston from Oklahoma and Artie is going to track for Blair Smyth from Virginia.

FC Uta von Moosbach-Zuzelek, co-owned with Cheri Faust, whelped six puppies on March 26, 2017. They are Zeus, Zorro,, Zack, Zander, Zale and Zenyatta. This litter we co-bred with Cheri, who decided to keep two puppies - Zeus and Zenyatta.

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