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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Teddy Moritz's narrow-chested minis for rabbit hawking

by Teddy Moritz
Because I breed small miniature longhairs for rabbit hawking, I need leggy but narrow dogs. I have seen and admire other miniature longhairs with this build which are bred in Germany. Some people comment the dogs look weedy and too thin. Well, in my experience, a rabbit being a three pound animal, a rabbit dachshund also needs to be small and narrow in order to consistently get to the rabbit when it harbors in a tight spot. Also, when I sell a pup to a falconer or gun hunter, I tell them pointedly that a miniature with the right build can get out of a three inch gap in a fence. Most people don't believe me until their dachshund is found on the outside of their fenced yard.
We reconfigured our chain link kennels today and used a door panel that had a rather large gap between the door and its support pipe. I knew the opening would allow some of the dachshunds to get out so I used this door panel for the lurcher. On a whim, I let all the dachshunds out to explore the new kennel set up. It took Tar less than two minutes to find the gap in the door panel and to get out. I decided to take a photo of her escaping to show how she did it. I put her back in the kennel and waited with the camera. She obliged me by getting out again. Tar is a three year old female, has had one litter and weighs 7 pounds, so her body is mature. The tape measure proves the gap is three inches wide. And yes, it will be blocked off so Tar doesn't get into the lurcher's run and escape. (And to prove she's feeling better, Fitz tried to get into the kennel through the same gap to be with her kennel mates. She is smaller than Tar so I know she'd easily slip into or out of this gap).

Tape measure showing the width of the gap, three inches which is 7.62 cm)

Tar with her head and neck through the opening.

Narrow shoulders allow Tar to get her front legs out.

Narrow shoulders allow Tar to get her front legs out.


Claire said...

Ahhh, Houdini Wienie! Yes, the right dog for the right job. Your dogs are perfect, Teddy!

Teddy said...

Thank you Claire. They are just like anyone else's dogs except they have an owner who shares experiences. Have a good summer.