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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tommy and Mae's nine-week-old puppies show a lot of promise

As I mentioned in the previous post Genti and Beth Shero spent last Friday with us in Berne, and we had a chance to meet and work with Tommy and Mae's puppies. Right now they are nine weeks old. We administered a regular Puppy Aptitude Test and worked the pups individually on a short blood line.

The pups have really nice temperaments, and Beth and Genti have done an outstanding job socializing them. We really liked what we saw. Bernie is the best looking of the bunch and he is just plain gorgeous. If we were looking for another male, we would be asking for Bernie in lieu of stud fee. But we don't need another male, especially because he is a son of the dog that we already have. At this point our breeding program is in need of young females. Elli is 10, Gilda is 9 and they are retired from breeding. Keena is 6 and probably we will beed her one more time. So Paika is our only young female as she is two and a half years old.

Mae, the dam of this litter, goes back to our line on the maternal side. She is daughter of Jessie v Moosbach-Zuzelek, granddaughter of Sabina v Moosbach-Zuzelek and great granddaughter of Ulrika v Moosbach-Zuzelek. We have always like Mae as she is a very talented, confident dog who is at ease with the world. I was glad when Beth and Genti chose to breed her to Tommy.

Bernie (on the top) is playing with his sister Bella

Bella is the one that is looking into my camera

Benrie is a very handsome puppy

Bella, Bernie and Bart at the end of liver drag
Bernie is enjoying a piece of deer liver
Bella spent a weekend with us, and we have been very impressed with her. She will be staying here. She has already met all our dogs, and she got accepted right away as a new member of the pack... as if she were raised here. I wonder whether there is such a thing as a familial scent because certainly she smelled OK to all our dogs. I was wondering about Paika because she has her own young litter. But this was not a big deal at all. It's like Paika was saying...oh, we have a new puppy...OK.

Bella and Paika meet for the first time.
Today was a great day for picture taking, and I got some really nice shots of Bella with her new family. I will be posting them tomorrow.


Lindsjö taxar said...

Oh, I like Bernie.. dark and dark eyes. Just how I want them. I was out alone with Trym this evening. He showed good signs to hunt. We followed fresh deer tracks and he started to bark. I heard the deer nearby running away. Tomorrow I will take Vilja.

MTWaggin said...

OMG it doesn't get much cuter than that! Looks like a wonderful fun time!