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Monday, October 13, 2014

Some young dachshunds are already proficient trackers of wounded deer

It's very satisfying to see that young dogs out of our 2013 Sky x Mielikki litter are providing a real service to deer hunters.

Matt Sacco is a member of Deer Search of Finger Lakes  and so far he has recovered four deer this season with Heidi (Uma von Moosbach-Zuzelek). The last one was his Heidi's first Big Buck:

Hey John and Jolanta,
Heidi and I had a great morning.  I got a call from one of our hunters who is part of a deer management program in Trumansburg, NY. The hunter shot this deer yesterday and knew the shot was far back just at the edge of the rib cage. The deer was standing on a pond bank so after the arrow went through the deer it went into the pond washing off any evidence. There was no visible blood trail leading away from the hit site, and the buck ran into a swampy area of cattails and other thick vegetation. The hunter backed out at that point and called me. I met him this morning at 9:00am, 15 hours after the shot and started Heidi. We found the buck in his first bed less than 200 yards from where the hunter lost the trail. Both arrow holes had fat and entrails hanging out, completely sealing the holes. I found one small drop of blood at the hit site and that was it for blood. Not a long track but one that would have been extremely difficult/ near impossible to find without a dog. Happy dog, happy handler and very happy hunter.

Thanks again for everything!

Adam Hostetter owns Moose (Uncas von Moosbach-Zuzelek), and he lives in Pennsylvania, close to Maryland. Since it is illegal to use tracking dogs in PA, he tracks in the adjacent state.

Adam: Just thought I'd share a picture of yet another impressed hunter!

I got the call on October 4 that a Hunter hit a doe and could not find her. Moose and I drove down to Maryland and met the hunter this morning. After roughly 150 yards and two drops of blood Moose came to the dead doe.Here is a picture of moose and I with a happy Hunter. This dog is incredible!! Thanks again. 

I took another call this evening and Moose had success yet again! The hunter had made a decent shot but had very little blood. Moose picked up the scent at the hit sight and went to town! After traveling about 100 yards and dealing with some 90 degree turns he came right up on the dead buck! The hunter was very impressed with the quick work Moose did! I'm starting to enjoy tracking just as much as hunting!

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